The Morning Glory Art Fair is on hiatus this year, so....




The J.A.R. Studio will be hosting a select group of artists who will be digging up their roots and finding new fertile grounds to show their many cultivars of finely pruned, pampered and nurtured works. 

Come and forage.

Pick your own bouquet of art.

2020 is a strange year, as we deal with the Covid 19 virus. Following all safety protocols, the show will be completely outdoors, and we will be limiting the number of people to two per booth at one time.  Artists will be donning their masks and asking our visitors to do the same. Our fiber artists, Kathy Johnson and Erika Mock promise to have plenty of stylish hand-crafted masks available in their booths. Hand washing, sanitizing and six foot distancing, will be our goal, all while having fun.

We are going to do this if we can.

Friday August 7th, 12-7, Saturday August 8, 11-5

361 E Becher Street

Milwaukee, WI  53205

Featured Artists:

Jef Raasch

Erika Mock

Kim Wilson

Bob Dickey

Ilze Heider

Rachel Newlin

Jean Smaglik Wells

Andrew Linderman

Kathy Johnson

Mary L Hager

Linda Franzblau

I am the sole creator of my work. Elements from nature inspire this collection of one-of-a-kind hand-built sculpture, constructed primarily with white talc clay and finished with acrylic paint.

I create free spirited, sculpted art to wear to wake your body and perceptions. 
Each piece that comes thru my hands starts out as slivers of recycled fabric, and, just like our lives, changes and grows, bit by bit, until the story is almost complete. Then it's up to you... to fill the bag, or drape the wrap... and open to the next chapter.

Every piece of fine hardwood is unique,

 with an aesthetic driven by color, grain
and figure. My goal as a woodworker and box maker,

 is to enrich that uniqueness
by creating a piece art that is pleasing to the eye,

 functional, and with a quality of
craftsmanship and materials that will ensure a lifetime of and use.

 Thus, every piece I make starts with wood selection.

 Only when the wood is selected, can I
then proceed to the design of the final piece I want to create.

 As a result,even though individual pieces may look similar at times, each is truly one-of-a-kind.

My inspiration comes from exploring life’s surroundings. Whether it is the textures of nature, geometric shapes or the feelings from within, all are a stage of the creative process.  Since the year 2000, I have been designing small wearable sculptures.  Using sterling silver, gold and semi precious stones, my hand – fabricated pieces are treated with various surfacing techniques such as forging, roller printing and patinas. The results are simple yet complex, industrial yet natural. 

 My relationship with art, both as a formal discipline and as a personal creative process, is complicated.  Art haunts me.  Making art has always been a struggle, but art is something (sometimes the only thing) I can "give".  My development of small scale acrylic paintings began 2 years ago as a series of gifts for the dollhouse-loving women of my family.  The paintings were originally based on classical portraiture one would find in a home. The DNA of that original thread is still obvious in my newer work.  I paint intuitively with many light washes until I find an expression or face that guides me to the final composition. I finish my paintings by adding a hand crafted polymer frame.  

I have been working with leather for over 40 years. Combining the

color, texture and design, I create unique and functional objects of

wearable art. I want my handbags to fit as well and look as good as

the finest pieces of clothing.

Reap what we've sown!